Parallel Worlds: Medals and Recognition Pins

courtesy  Parallel Worlds: Medals and Recognition PinsEvery soldier’s action does not go unnoticed. From reconnaissance missions undertaken to determine the strength of the enemy to saving the life of a comrade by pulling him out of the enemy artillery line of fire, every heroic action, from the battlefield to intelligence gathering is recognized. The recognition not only boosts the morale of the soldiers by advertising a shining example; it also helps those in command to keep track of those who excel beyond what is expected – those who stand out.

Whether it’s the Army’s jungle assault, the Navy’s amphibious support, the Airforce’s tactical position or the Marine’s in the frontlines of battle, branches of the military will recognize in distinction those who have pushed harder and further than the rest. Of course, verbal recognition is not always enough; one ought to give something tangible, something solid, the recognition pins, a badge one can proudly wear as a symbol of achievement and a representation of character that should be emulated. For the military, this symbol comes in the form of a medal.

The medal is more than a piece of brass, copper and silver, polished and decorated to hang on someone’s uniform. The medal is a symbol of distinction and most of all, a tangible proof of recognition that the military is grateful for the service of the soldier. Like all distinctions, it is meant to be worn to show excellence for everyone to see, worn with pride and honor. It is not simply handed over, rather awarded under a careful ceremony that is both celebratory and solemn, keeping true to its meaning and the symbol it represents.

images Parallel Worlds: Medals and Recognition PinsCompanies, universities and organizations also conduct a ceremony with so much similarity. While some might also hand out medals, the recognition pins these bodies give out may be a bit different but the intention remains the same: to acknowledge the efforts and skills of certain individuals who distinguish themselves from the rest by contributing to the growth or improvement of the giving body. And like the medals from the military, these recognitions must be tangible. They must be worn as a symbol to further showcase what they have done. The best way one can show this appreciation is by awarding these distinct individuals with Recognition Pins.

Imagine the scenario: a hall draped with curtains gracefully hanging as the atmosphere of solemn celebration. Crowds of thousands assemble to witness the giving out of distinction. The podium stands proudly with the logo, be it a company, organization or a university, cradling a microphone for the leader or the master of the ceremony to speak out in praise. Then comes the awardees, standing tall and proud before the others. As the procession continues, recognition Pins are awarded to every single one of them at the highlight of the event, showing everyone not only their distinction but also the acknowledgement the organization can offer to every single one of its members.

Employees paving way for business growth are very much like gunners providing cover to allow their comrades to escape. Same way, students who go for the extra mile in producing better-quality research papers are like soldiers throwing a live grenade back at the enemy. All of those actions require courage and skills and all those acts show their distinction, resulting in furthering the goal of the organization, whether it is the military, a business corporation or a university. It is not only right but almost mandatory to recognize such valuable acts. Not only it acknowledges the effort of such exceptional individuals, it also shows that the body is indeed looking out for its members. A little token, even in the form of medals and recognition pins can go a long way.